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Wear & Tear Vs. Tenant Damage: A Complete Guide for Landlords! 60 Mins Paul Flogstad $199.00
Fair Housing Compliance: Navigating VAWA, Domestic Violence, Crime Free, and Nuisance Laws 60 Mins Doug Chasick $199.00
Selecting Vendors and RFP Drafting 90 Mins Kenneth Jones $199.00
HOTMA Final Rule Deep Dive: Understanding Income Determination, Asset Limits, and Exclusions! 60 Mins Paul Flogstad $199.00
Update on Section 504 Compliance Rules 60 Mins Doug Chasick $199.00
Navigating NSPIRE: A Comprehensive Guide to the Updated REAC System 60 Mins Paul Flogstad $199.00
Navigating the 2024 Fair Housing Landscape: Insights, Trends, and Compliance Strategies 60 Mins Doug Chasick $199.00
Legal Tenants Vs. Occupants: What's the Difference? 60 Mins Paul Flogstad $199.00
Online Reputation Matters: Building a Positive Image in Property Management 75 Mins Anne Sadovsky $199.00
Disagreements, Disrespect and Discrimination: How to Ensure Fair Housing Compliance in all of your Communications 60 Mins Doug Chasick $199.00
What Fair Housing Testers are Looking for Today 75 Mins Anne Sadovsky $199.00
The New NSPIRE Model: All You Need to Know! 60 Mins Paul Flogstad $199.00
Impact Damages – Fact or Fiction 90 Mins James G. Zack, Jr. $199.00
Creating a Fair Housing Friendly Customer Experience with Your Maintenance Team 60 Mins Doug Chasick $199.00
Recent Changes to the HOTMA Regulations 60 Mins Paul Flogstad $199.00
How to Prepare for a HUD or Tax Credit Audit with New Updates 60 Mins Paul Flogstad $199.00
Upcoming Changes to Section 504 Regulations: A Proposed Ruling! 60 Mins Paul Flogstad $199.00
Navigating Fair Housing: Exploring Issues and Overcoming Challenges 60 Mins Paul Flogstad $199.00
Early Warning Signs of Construction Claims & Disputes 90 Mins James G. Zack, Jr. $199.00
Ask an Expert: An Interactive session with Paul Flogstad! 60 Mins Paul Flogstad $199.00

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