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Conferences Duration Speaker Price
Selecting Vendors and RFP Drafting 90 Mins Kenneth Jones $199.00
Data Integrity and Privacy: 21 CFR Part 11, Annex 11, and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 90 Mins Carolyn Troiano $199.00
FDA’s Import and Export Requirements 60 Mins Casper Uldriks $199.00
OSHA Record-keeping Requirements and Electronic Submission Guidelines: 2024 Updates! 60 Mins Joe Keenan $199.00
Human Error and Management Systems: Designing Errors Out! 90 Mins Ginette Collazo $199.00
Mastering FDA Computer System Audits: Best Practices for Preparation 90 Mins Carolyn Troiano $199.00
Emergency Preparedness Essentials: OSHA Compliance and Best Practices! 60 Mins Joe Keenan $199.00
Managing the FDA 483 and Warning Letter 60 Mins Casper Uldriks $199.00
Artificial Intelligence and Human Error 90 Mins Ginette Collazo $199.00
Estimating and Demonstrating Product Reliability 75 Mins Steven Wachs $199.00
Conducting an Effective Job Safety Analysis (JSA)/Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) 60 Mins Joe Keenan $199.00
Estimating Reliability Performance with Accelerated Life Tests 90 Mins Steven Wachs $199.00
Predicting Product Life with Reliability Analysis Methods 90 Mins Steven Wachs $199.00
OSHA Recordkeeping Requirements and Electronic Submission Guidelines: 2023 Updates 60 Mins Joe Keenan $199.00
Emergency Preparedness Training – What Does OSHA Require? 60 Mins Joe Keenan $199.00
Accident/Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis 60 Mins Joe Keenan $199.00
Human Error and Cognitive Load: How to Reduce Memory and Attention Failures 90 Mins Ginette Collazo $199.00
OSHA Record Keeping Requirements And Electronic Submission Guidelines 60 Mins Joe Keenan $199.00
A Strategic Approach to Supplier Audits 60 Mins Daniella Picciotti $199.00
Best Practices for Working with Vendors and Suppliers 90 Mins Kenneth Jones $199.00

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