There is more to Maintenance than Nuts and Bolts; Service Techs are your New PR Team

Anne Sadovsky

Anne Sadovsky

Anne Sadovsky has been in the apartment industry five decades and is a former V P of Marketing and Education for Lincoln Property Company. Her credentials include NAAEI Advanced Facilitator, CAM, and CAPS. She is a contributing writer for many publications, had earned a Texas Real Estate license and certified Speaking credentials from the...
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Anne Sadovsky

The lack of customer service training for the maintenance technicians is frightening. Most training for this all-important team focuses on the ‘how to’ of plumbing, electrical and HVAC repair. Yet they actually spend more time with our customers than the office staff does. The Service Techs often see the residents more than the office staff.  Maintenance cannot be done with technology. Too often the only training this team gets is nuts and bolts; plumbing, HVAC, Carpentry and make readies. Training in customer service, dealing with difficult people and public relations are equally important.

Webinar Objectives

Resident retention is everyone’s job. Service Techs educated in the art of being empathetic, kind, polite are a huge part of resident satisfaction.

Webinar Agenda

Residents when giving notice to vacate often cite poor maintenance and unpleasant staff as the reason they are moving.

Webinar Highlights

  • Professional communication
  • Calming people who are upset/angry
  • To be empathetic
  • How to deny requests without saying “that’s not my job!”
  • How to avoid conflict in a peaceful manner
  • Words to use and NOT to use

Who Should Attend

Property owners, Regional managers, Onsite managers, Assistant Managers, Service Techs/Teams, every employee!. Include housekeepers and groundskeepers, everyone who has contact with the residents need this session, Everyone who works onsite need reminders and continuing education in this topic should also attend this webinar.

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