Property Management Issues: Dealing with them Effectively

Paul Flogstad

Paul Flogstad

Paul has been involved in the real estate industry for the past 38 years. He has been involved in sales, construction, project management, appraisal, mortgage consulting and brokerage, property management and property management consulting/training. Through his consulting company, Property Management Solutions, he provides training and...
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240 Mins
Paul Flogstad

Addressing Common Property Management Challenges: Solutions and Strategies!

Module 1 (60 mins): Dealing with Resident Infractions: Hoarding, Harassment, Unauthorized Occupants and Pets, Noise, Parking, etc.

During this session, Paul Flogstad will cover many of the common issues faced by property managers and property owners on a daily basis. During this session, Paul will go over how to correctly document various tenant violations and strategies and techniques for documenting and solving resident violations. Paul will also cover one of the hot topics i.e. Assistance Animals during the session. After attending this session, you will learn the correct way to handle these requests.

Module 2 (60 mins): Dealing with Everyday Multi-Family Management Issues

This session will discuss what a manager or property owner deals with on a daily basis. He'll provide you with a new way of handling these situations. Sometimes managers need fresh ideas on how to handle these issues. During the session, Paul'll provide fresh new ideas that you can use every day. Residents aren’t always on their best behavior and one must document the infractions so that your property provides safe and peaceful enjoyment for everyone.

Module 3 (60 mins): Dealing with Difficult Tenants and Their Complaints

Terrible tenants can make your job as a landlord tough. Some of them pay rent late every month, while others are careless and damage your property. Most property owners face the hassle of dealing with difficult tenants at some point, and it is not easy.

Applicant screening is excellent for weeding out many tenants that may become an issue down the road. However, it does not account for changes in a tenant’s financial circumstances, emotional state, or personal situations. This session will review these common problem tenants so you can recognize them early and respond accordingly. During this session, Industry expert Paul Flogstad will discuss the best practices on how to deal effectively with these tenants. Also, Paul will provide proactive steps that landlords can take to deal with them. Moreover, a number of strategies will be brought forth to ensure your success during the session.

Bonus: Best Practices For Property Managers (60 mins)

This session by Paul Flogstad will discuss the best practices developed from over 30 years in the property management industry. Speaker Paul Flogstad has actual experience in multifamily properties. He has been a consultant to properties in 22 different states and is responsible for over 5,000 rental units. He has “real world” knowledge and is sharing many of the “secrets” of making properties run successfully. In this session, he will share many ideas that will make your life easier. He will also share copies of many forms that he has used. He has taught property management and fair housing courses nationwide and is in demand as a speaker and consultant.

Webinar Agenda

  • Answers to many questions about service/assistive animals
  • What can I do with a resident who is a hoarder?
  • How do I handle resident harassment and bullying?
  • What do I do about pets and companion/service animals?
  • How do I handle unauthorized residents?
  • Subleasing?
  • What do I do with pet infractions? 
  • I have parking violations-now what?
  • Damages found during inspections.
  • Drugs – smoking weed, now what?
  • How to handle noise complaints.
  • How about amenities violations?
  • Communication documentation
  • Texting documentation.
  • What tools do I need?
  • Late or partial-paying payers
  • Wrecking balls
  • Hosts to all
  • Whiners
  • Indulgent pet owners
  • A Bull in a China Shop
  • Day Late and A Dollar Short
  • How to Deal with Tenants Who Break the Law
  • How to Deal With Tenants Who Complain Constantly

Who Should Attend

  • Property Owners
  • Property Managers
  • Housing Authority Staff
  • Maintenance staff
  • Developers
  • Leasing Agents
  • Compliance staff


Note: This is a combo of 4 Webinars (60-minute each)

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