Using ISO 19011 to Make Internal Quality/ Environmental/ Safety+ Audits a Business Value Added Process

60 Mins

By now most organizations registered to management system standards such as ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, 27001, etc. have likely fine-tuned their internal audit process. However, the perspective of management is often that these are quality/environmental/safety, etc. audits, not necessarily a value-adding organizational governance process.

Most internal management system auditors have been trained primarily in the process of planning, conducting, and reporting audits. That is, how to manage an audit team but not how to manage an audit program. An audit program guided by ISO 19011 as well as a proper business management perspective can significantly enhance audit results as well as management’s perspective of the value-added.

Since 19011 is a guidance document rather than a standard, its use has been limited. This webinar will discuss why this should change, and how to use the guidance to maximize the audit function.

Webinar Objectives

If you are an auditor or audit program manager, how often has a manager or process owner come to you and requested an audit? If the answer is “never,” what does that say about their perception of what audits can deliver? And how is that tied to how the audit program is designed and managed?

These are the questions this webinar is designed to address. Using ISO 19011 and a business perspective it will identify some key issues regarding how an audit program can operate that will lead management to view the audit function as a business partner.

Webinar Agenda

  • Summary of ISO 19011
  • Use of the principles of auditing
  • Aligning audit program and organizational objectives
  • Audit program risks
  • Monitoring and improving the audit program
  • What’s missing from ISO 19011

Webinar Highlights

  • Key ISO 19011 guidance
  • Example audit program objectives
  • Relevant policies & procedures
  • Gaining input from GRC audit programs
  • Making the audit program a business-focused process

Who Should Attend

  • Audit program managers
  • Auditors of quality, safety, environmental and other management system processes
  • Risk management professionals
  • Individuals wanting to improve management support of management system audits
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