Handling Special Payroll Situations: Death, Disaster, Overpay, Incremental Weather, and More!

Dayna J. Reum, CPP, FPC

Dayna J. Reum, CPP, FPC

Dayna is currently the Director of Payroll Operations at a major medical center in Chicago. Dayna has been heavily involved in the payroll field over 20 years. Starting as a payroll clerk at a small Tucson company, Dayna moved on to be a Payroll Team Leader at Honeywell Inc. During Dayna’s time at Honeywell she obtained her FPC...
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Dayna J. Reum, CPP, FPC

While our job as payroll experts revolves around ensuring accurate paychecks each period, it's essential to acknowledge that payroll management involves handling various complex situations. Employees may occasionally be overpaid, or they may leave the company for diverse reasons. As professionals, we need to be well-prepared to navigate these scenarios in compliance with state and federal laws.

Join us for this upcoming webinar presented by payroll expert Dayna J. Reum,CPP, FPC, where she will provide valuable insights into the laws that impact the way we handle different pay situations. This session will delve into a comprehensive review of employee terminations and the requirements for final pay, carefully considering both federal and state regulations.

Throughout the webinar, Dayna will address all types of terminations, including voluntary separations and even unfortunate circumstances like employee death. Understanding payment timing, methods, and taxation in these cases is vital to ensure smooth and compliant payroll processing.

Furthermore, Dayna will explore the intricacies of handling overpayments and the legal aspects surrounding taxation and fund recoupment from both active and terminated employees. This topic can be particularly challenging, and our expert speakers will guide you through the details to help you handle these situations confidently and efficiently.

By attending this webinar, you will gain valuable knowledge that empowers you to manage payroll complexities effectively, safeguarding your company's compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Webinar Objectives

  • Review of different types of special pay situations to include: payroll overpayments, deceased employee pay, termination pay
  • Discuss employee loans and advances and how to handle them
  • Discuss the tax implications of overpayments, deceased employee pay and terminations
  • Special year end reporting concerns.
  • Final pay concerns for terminated employees from severance to legal settlements
  • Determine who to pay final payments to deceased employees
  • What are the best methods recouping overpaid dollars and non cash items
  • What special state and federal laws should be considered

Webinar Highlights

  • Death
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Choosing critical payroll tasks and what we learned from COVID-19
  • How to evaluate?
  • What should a good disaster plan include
  • How to set responsibilities
  • Validating the plan
  • Keeping the plan up to date
  • Plan Maintenance
  • How to end the plan?
  • Overpayments
  • Incremental Weather

Who Should Attend

Payroll and Tax Professionals

To access this webinar, kindly reach out to our customer support team at support@complianceducator.com.


IRS CPE Credits: 1 Tax hour

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