Navigating Fair Housing Compliance in Collections and Evictions

Doug Chasick

Doug Chasick

Doug Chasick, CPM®, CAPS, Adv. RAM, SLE, That Fair Housing Guy™, is the former President of the Fair Housing Institute, Inc. With more than 46 years of investment real estate experience, he began as the Resident Manager of a 524-unit apartment property and has been the President or CEO of five real estate companies, responsible for...
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August 22, 2024
01:00 PM ET | 12:00 PM CT
60 Mins

Protecting your property and residents against legal challenges

In today's ever-changing and legally complex landscape, it's crucial to comply with fair housing laws to reduce the risk of being implicated in a fair housing complaint or federal lawsuit. This fast-paced 60-minute session is designed to equip Multifamily Professionals with the knowledge necessary to maintain fair housing compliance concerning collections and evictions.

In this session, industry expert Doug Chasick, CPM®, CAPS, Adv. RAM, SLE, will provide a comprehensive review of fair housing compliance principles. He will discuss strategies to prevent discriminatory policies and practices, particularly those with potentially disparate impacts on protected classes. Doug will also delve into common state and local statutes regarding notice language and periods and explain what constitutes lawful delivery of notices.

Since effective and compliant communication and documentation are an important component of all fair housing compliance programs, Doug will review what elements are necessary and what to avoid when communicating about collections and consequences.

Whether you're a seasoned property manager or new to the field, this session will provide valuable insights and practical tips to enhance your fair housing compliance efforts.

Webinar Objectives

  • An overview of the Fair Housing Act’s key provisions related to collections and evictions, including prohibited discrimination practices.
  • Identify common discriminatory practices in collections and evictions and how to avoid them.
  • Examine the concept of disparate impact and its implications for fair housing compliance and the strategies for implementing fair and effective rent collection policies.
  • How to address late payments, stipulations, payment plans, and communication tactics while respecting tenants' rights.
  • How to navigate the eviction process while adhering to fair housing laws and regulations.
  • Understanding eviction notices, legal proceedings, and documentation requirements.
  • Managing requests for accommodations related to collections or eviction proceedings, while ensuring compliance with fair housing requirements when accommodating tenants with disabilities.

Webinar Highlights

  • Overview of Fair Housing Laws: An in-depth examination of the Fair Housing Act and its implications for collections and evictions in the apartment sector.
  • Prohibited Practices: Understanding discrimination prohibited by fair housing laws and how they relate to collections and evictions.
  • Disparate Impact: Identify and change policies that may create an unintentional discriminatory effect on certain protected classes.
  • Best Practices for Collections: Strategies for handling rent collection processes in a manner consistent with fair housing principles.
  • Eviction Procedures: Guidelines for conducting evictions in compliance with fair housing regulations, including necessary documentation and procedural requirements.
  • Reasonable Accommodations: Addressing requests for accommodations or modifications related to collections or eviction proceedings.

Who Should Attend

On-site and multi-site personnel including Regional/Area Managers, Community Managers, as well as Training and HR Professionals.

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