2023 CPT® Coding Updates

Jill M. Young

Jill M. Young

Jill M Young is the Principal of Young Medical Consulting, LLC. A company founded 18 years ago to meet the education and compliance needs of physicians and their staff Jill has over 40 years of medical experience working in all areas of the medical practice including clinical, billing and rounding with physicians. Her unique style of working...
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Jill M. Young

The CPT ® codes is part of the HCPCS coding system. Each year the AMA releases coding additions, deletions and revisions. This year, in addition to these yearly changes, a significant change has been made to the Evaluation and Management Chapter as a whole.

In 2021, CPT ® saw significant changes to Office and Other Outpatient Services Guidelines and their Codes. Some aspects of these changes have been affected for the upcoming year. For 2023 CPT ®, significant changes to the remainder of the E&M coding section have taken place. This includes codes for Prolonged Care. Understanding the new Guidelines and Code descriptors in addition to seeing which codes are deleted is important to anyone working with the E&M Coding system. Other changes can be found in the Integumentary subsection, Musculoskeletal, Cardiovascular and Auditory Systems. Finally, a significant number of new codes can be found in the Digestive Subsection with new codes in 4 different areas.

Join us for this coding update webinar with industry expert speaker Jill M. Young, CEMA, CPC, CEDC, CIMC where she will discuss all of the changes to CPT ® for 2023 including the changes to E&M codes such as Hospital Observation, Initial Care codes in the hospital and Nursing Home codes to name a few. Other changes and revisions to coding guidelines and codes will be discussed.

Webinar Objectives

Each of the chapters of CPT® will be addressed for both code additions deletions and modifications but changes to guidelines will also be discussed.

Webinar Highlights

Modifications to the E/M codes are among 393 editorial changes in the 2023 CPT® code set, including 225 new codes, 75 deletions and 93 revisions. With 10,969 codes that describe the medical procedures and services available to patients, the CPT® code set continues to grow and evolve with the rapid pace of innovation in medical science and health technology.

Areas of code change include:

  • Somatic Nerve Injection
  • Pulmonary Angiography
  • Paravertebral Spinal Nerves and Branches
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Monitoring
  • Hernia Repair

There will also be a review of the new appendix that has been added in 2023 with a taxonomy for artificial intelligence/augmented intelligence (AI) applications. This new AI taxonomy provides guidance for classifying various AI-powered medical service applications, such as expert systems, machine learning, or algorithm-based solutions, into one of three categories: assistive, augmentative, or autonomous.

Who Should Attend

  • Coders
  • Billers
  • Office Managers
  • Practice Managers
  • NP’s, and PA’s

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