The Joint Commission 2022 Updates on Advance Directives, Deficiencies, Complaints, Restraint and Seclusion, and More!

Lena Browning

Lena Browning

Lena Browning is a nurse leader and accreditation specialist with more than twenty-five years of experience in clinical leadership in acute care settings. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated a commitment to improving patient safety by empowering staff and leadership to maintain continuous compliance and achieve excellence in patient...
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90 Mins
Lena Browning

The Joint Commission Hot Topics: Workplace Violence, Life Safety Code, Performance Improvement, Infection Prevention, This webinar will cover several Joint Commission hot topics for 2022. It will discuss the Joint Commission requirements for Workplace Violence, Life Safety code, Performance Improvement, infection prevention, advance directives, and grievances and more.
Experienced healthcare professionals know the Joint Commission (TJC) is a key accrediting organization that works closely with CMS. TJC updates and reviews hospital standards at least twice per year.
This webinar covers some of the hot topics for The Joint Commission including those that have resulted in more deficiencies than other standards. Topics to be addressed include grievances, informed consent, advance directives, and restraint and seclusion.

Webinar Highlights

Joint Commission Advance Directives RI.01.05.01 + RC.02.02.01

  • End-of-life care
  • Written policy and procedure
  • Tracer
  • Advance directives and outpatients
  • Providing patients with information about Ads
  • Honoring advance directives
  • Organ donation wishes
  • Medical records to contain copy of AFs
  • Recommendations for compliance

Joint Commission Complaints RI.01.07.01

  • Patient and family right to have reviewed
  • Need complaint resolution process
  • Board responsible and delegation
  • Acknowledging receipt of a complaint
  • Written notice of decision
  • Information in patient rights of who will handle complaints
  • QIO and process for resolving complaints

Who Should Attend

  • Compliance Officer
  • Chief Medical Officer (CMO)
  • Chief Nursing Officer (CNO)
  • Chief Operating Officer (COO
  • Joint Commission Coordinator
  • Nurses
  • Nurse Directors/Supervisors/Managers
  • Hospital Legal Counsel
  • Risk Manager
  • Board Members
  • Physicians
  • Medical Staff Coordinator
  • Patient Safety Officer
  • Senior Leadership
  • Chief Risk Officer
  • QAPI director
  • Discharge Planners
  • HIM director
  • Director of Anesthesia
  • OR nurse director
  • Patient Advocates
  • Ethics Committee
  • Director of Registration
  • Consumer Advocates
  • HIPAA Privacy Officer
  • Quality Improvement Staff
  • Others responsible for compliance/policy/procedure
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