Dissecting the Operative Report in 2024

Toni Elhoms

Toni Elhoms

Toni Elhoms, CCS, CRC, CPC, AHIMA-Approved ICD10-CM/PCS Trainer is a nationally known speaker and recognized subject matter expert on medical coding, reimbursement, and revenue cycle management. She is the Founder and CEO of Alpha Coding Experts, LLC. She holds multiple credentials with the American Health Information Management Association...
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August 22, 2024
01:00 PM ET | 12:00 PM CT
60 Mins

The Operative Report: Your First Line of Defense…

The operative report remains the cornerstone for accurate coding and timely reimbursement of surgical procedures. Comprehensive documentation within the operative report can mean the difference between an organization receiving timely payments or struggling with insurance companies over reimbursements due to documentation inadequacies.

Every operative report must include the following essential components:

  • Heading
  • History/Indications for Surgery
  • Body of the Report
  • Findings and Follow-up Required for the Patient

Join industry expert Toni Elhoms, CCS, CRC, CPC, AHIMA-Approved ICD10-CM/PCS Trainer, for an in-depth exploration of the intricacies of operative report documentation. This webinar will cover important strategies for successfully dissecting the operative report, applicable billing and coding rules, auditing protocols, and practical examples to enhance your understanding.

Webinar Objectives

  • Outline the key components of the operative report in 2024.
  • Discuss strategies for dissecting operative report documentation effectively.
  • Identify keywords crucial for understanding operative report documentation.
  • Understand surgical global packages and their impact on operative report clinical documentation.
  • Learn about common surgical/procedural modifiers in 2024.
  • Explore the role of Computer Assisted Coding (CAC) software.
  • Identify additional reports and documentation that support the operative report.
  • Outline sample auditing protocols for operative report documentation in 2024.
  • Review practical operative report examples for hands-on learning.

Webinar Agenda

  • Review Key Components of the Operative Report: Understand the essential elements that make up a comprehensive operative report.
  • Discuss Strategies for Dissecting the Operative Report: Learn effective techniques for analyzing and understanding operative report documentation.
  • Review Sample Auditing Protocols for Operative Report Documentation: Examine best practices for auditing operative reports to ensure accuracy and compliance.
  • Review Common Surgical/Procedural Modifiers: Understand how to apply modifiers correctly in surgical coding.
  • Discuss Surgical Global Packages: Learn how global packages affect operative report documentation and billing.

Webinar Highlights

  • Understand the key components of the operative report
  • Recall surgical global packages
  • Recognize common surgical/procedural modifiers
  • Recall additional reports and documentation that support the operative report
  • Recognize practical operative report examples and how to dissect them

Who Should Attend

  • Medical Coding Specialists
  • Medical Billing Specialists
  • Medical Auditing Specialists
  • Private Practice Physicians
  • Managed Care Professionals
  • Operations Leadership
  • Practice Administrators
  • Office Managers
  • Compliance Officers/Committees  
  • Chief Medical Officer
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