Contract Negotiation - Make Sure You Are Being Paid What You Are Worth!

Stephanie Thomas, CPC, CANPC, COSC

Stephanie Thomas, CPC, CANPC, COSC

Stephanie has worked in the medical, billing and coding industry for nearly 20 years. It is truly her passion. Stephanie works closely with small and large private practices to audit and collaboratively improve their revenue stream. She prides herself in her dedication to her clients and has built a team of incredible billers and coders to...
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July 02, 2024
01:00 PM ET | 12:00 PM CT
60 Mins

Strategies for Reviewing, Preparing, and Succeeding in Payer Meetings

Dealing with payer contracts can be frustrating and time-consuming. Most medical practices fail to review their contracts at all, either for lack of staff to do so, or simply lack of knowledge that it needs to be done.

If your practice is not regularly examining and renegotiating contracts with insurance plans, you could be leaving money on the table. There are ways to work with your top payers that will help you build your relationships and patient base while increasing revenue.

Join us for this information-packed session where industry expert Stephanie Thomas will go through the steps on how to prepare for these meetings, what information to have available and understand prior to the meeting and how to feel confident that you will succeed in your negotiations. Next, she will walk through the common contract modifications that are done, that can seem favorable to the provider but can be more favorable to the payer. Lastly, and most important, Stephanie will talk through the final steps and also the importance of self-auditing to ensure your new rates do go into effect as promised.

Webinar Objectives

  • Incorrect payments for services auditing to contract rates
  • Old contracts that have never been renegotiated steps of how to renegotiate
  • Unsure of how to start to contract renegotiations-Prepare and give information of what to have ready for these meetings
  • Uncertain terms and definitions-common terms defined

Webinar Agenda

  • Preparation for contract negotiations
  • Review of current contract and how to find your worth
  • Clarity in contracting
  • Review of common uncertain terms
  • Self auditing for success
  • Q&A

Webinar Highlights

  • How to understand the current contract
  • Learn your worth
  • Renegotiating tips for success
  • Understanding common terms
  • Self-Auditing EOB’s

Who Should Attend

Medical professionals that are involved with the dealing of contract negotiation for their practice, as well as billing professionals that are in the day to day of payer communications and dealings. This session will give a lot of information on how to understand, review, and negotiate those topics that many healthcare professionals should be well versed in.

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