Hospital Case Management and COVID-19: The "New" Normal

Toni Cesta

Toni Cesta

Toni Cesta, Ph.D., RN, FAAN is partner and health care consultant at Case Management Concepts, LLC, a consulting company which assists institutions in designing, implementing and evaluating acute care and community case management models and providing on-site education to case management staff, and strategies for assisting health care...
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60 Mins
Toni Cesta & Beverly Cunningham

COVID-19, a rapidly spreading and lethal disease, has wrought global havoc as a pandemic. Its impact on the US population has reshaped our lives and, notably, hospital operations.

Consequently, the roles and processes within case management have also undergone significant transformation. While the pandemic's intensity appears to be diminishing, the return to normalcy will likely usher in a "new" normal rather than a return to the "old" one.

In this webinar led by industry veterans Toni Cesta PhD, RN, FAAN, and Bev Cunningham MS, RN, ACM, the focus will be on navigating the transition phases for case management staff—both RN case managers and social work case managers—as well as case management leadership. Additionally, the speakers will delve into the crucial role of physician advisors during this transitional period.

Critical to this transition is an awareness of waivers or changes in rules and regulations at the national, state, and local levels, as well as adjustments made by payers. Equally vital is the provision of support for staff who have been emotionally affected by the pandemic, presenting a significant challenge for case management department leadership.

Finally, a thorough evaluation of the changes implemented during the pandemic is imperative. Some adjustments may warrant continuation, while others may need to be revised or discarded altogether. This webinar aims to provide case management departments with insights into identifying their focus areas as they navigate the path toward the "new" normal.

Webinar Objectives

  • Understand the current COVID-19 waivers affecting case management practice.
  • Develop a plan to transition to your “new” normal.
  • Identify best-practice strategies for transitioning to your “new” normal.

Webinar Agenda

  • COVID-19: Where we began
  • COVID-19: Where we are today
  • COVID-19: The next steps
  • Transition for hospitals: Surge hospitals and hospitals without surge
  • Case management roles in the transitions
  • A SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis of COVID-19 operations: The department and key stakeholders
  • The plan for the “new” normal: Evaluation of COVID-19 operations on acute care case management
  • Phases in the transition to the “new” normal
  • Outcomes for the “new” normal

Webinar Highlights

  • COVID-19 waivers impacting hospital case management departments
  • Current COVID-19 processes for case management departments
  • Use of a SWOT analysis for transition next steps
  • Transition steps for your case management department, surge hospitals and hospitals without surge
  • Case management roles in the transitions
  • Case management leader responsibilities
  • Evaluation of the hospital case management department’s response to COVID-19
  • Phasing your transition steps for the “new” normal
  • Identification of outcomes for your next steps

Who Should Attend

  • RN case managers
  • Case management leaders
  • Social work case managers
  • Physician advisors
  • Executives responsible for acute care case management
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