The Ins and Outs of Locum Tenens Billing: What You Need to Know!

Jill M. Young

Jill M. Young

Jill M Young is the Principal of Young Medical Consulting, LLC. A company founded 18 years ago to meet the education and compliance needs of physicians and their staff Jill has over 40 years of medical experience working in all areas of the medical practice including clinical, billing and rounding with physicians. Her unique style of working...
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July 24, 2024
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Essential information on Medicare's billing requirements, claim form details, and documentation practices

Locum tenens, derived from the Latin term meaning "to hold the place," refers to the temporary substitution of a physician. Despite initial confusion, Medicare renamed this concept "fee for time compensation," yet the billing fundamentals remain unchanged: billing under the regular physician, exclusive use by physicians, a 180-day arrangement limit, and specific details. 

Join us for an insightful session with industry-renowned speaker Jill M. Young, where we will delve into the complexities of locum tenens and fee for time arrangements. This session covers eligibility criteria, duration limitations, billing procedures, required documentation, and other crucial aspects of this unique Medicare billing arrangement.

During the webinar, Jill will address the challenges faced by both providers seeking locum tenens positions and offices looking to hire locums. Many providers struggle to find companies that offer realistic scenarios and expectations. Contrary to popular belief, locum tenens physicians are not relieved of administrative tasks like billing and coding. Accurate coding is essential, and errors can lead to denials without recourse and potential fraud charges.

Webinar Objectives

  • - Define Locum Tenens and its billing implications.
  • - Explain the importance of modifiers in Medicare claims for substitute physician services.
  • - Discuss potential payment issues with other insurance carriers that may not recognize these modifiers.
  • - Outline rules and timelines for using substitute services compliantly.
  • - Provide tips on researching insurance payer requirements and documentation needs.
  • - Address challenges faced by both locum tenens providers and hiring offices.
  • - Highlight the risks of billing errors in locum tenens services, including denials and potential fraud charges.

Webinar Agenda

  • Locum Tenens Overview
    • Definition of Locum Tenens
    • Medicare Modifier for Billing 
  • Insurance Carrier Recognition
    • Challenges with Non-Recognizing Carriers
    • Impact on Payment and Billing Physicians
  • Compliance Rules and Best Practices
    • Lists Maintenance
    • Timelines for Substitute Services
  • Researching Other Payers
    • Tips for Researching Requirements
    • Documentation Practices for Non-Medicare Payers

Webinar Highlights

  • What is the fee for time compensation model of billing?
  • Who can use this methodology when billing for locums’ services of a provider?
  • How long can a physician act as a substitute?
  • Are there any exceptions to this duration?
  • What information goes on a claim form to identify the situation?
  • What documentation needs to be kept for these services?
  • What types of providers can be locums?

Who Should Attend

  • Coders 
  • Billers 
  • Administrators
  • PhysiciansPractice Managers 
  • Office Managers
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