Issues to Consider When Dealing with Conflicting Regulations in the European Market vs. US Market

Kenneth Barden

Kenneth Barden

Kenneth Barden is an experienced attorney with over 23 years of Compliance experience in the international development and financial industry. Ken has developed regulations and processes for several countries in the development of their AML/CFT regimes. Specifically, he helped set up the financial intelligence units within Indonesia,...
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Kenneth Barden

The United States and the European Union constitute two of the world’s major regulatory systems affecting businesses and consumer trade. As global supply chains and trade increase, interactions between the two regulatory systems will occur more frequently. Although in many situations, regulatory measures seek common goals and standards, in others, the goals and standards carry be quite different. The result is that some trade and commercial practices in one jurisdiction may put that same activity in jeopardy in the other. This webinar will examine some of the more frequently encountered areas of potential conflict. The webinar will cover a brief overview of the regulatory oversight systems of the US and the EU. The webinar will look at the major agencies involved in establishing and administering respective regulations, including areas to be aware of for conflicting guidance.

The webinar will also provide some guidance to businesses who regularly engage in both jurisdictions and how to best navigate and prepare to handle any conflicting regulations.

Webinar Objectives

As two of the largest regulatory systems in the world, businesses and consumers are bound to be subject to US and/or European regulations on multiple occasions. While many of these interactions do not pose any significant issues, there are some fields in which compliance with one set of regulations may put an activity in non-compliance, or even violation of the other. For instance, the EU has “blocking statutes” that can penalize a transaction that is compliance with US regulations and not EU regulations. This webinar will look at some of the most common areas where the regulations may differ and how to navigate both jurisdictions in order to avoid trouble.

Webinar Highlights

  • Introduction and Background
  • Description of US regulatory system
  • Description of EU regulatory system
  • Financial regulations, Anti-money laundering, Sanctions
  • Environmental protection
  • Date Privacy and security
  • Consumer products
  • Other areas of concern
  • Navigating the differences
  • Questions

Who Should Attend

  • Legal counsel
  • Compliance officers
  • Managers
  • Administrative staff
  • Finance professionals
  • IT experts
  • Data specialists
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IRS CPE Credits: 1 Tax hour

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