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Wayne J. Miller

Wayne J. Miller

Wayne has focused his practice in the areas of health care regulatory, administrative and transactional law throughout his nearly 40 year career. He has particular expertise in business, regulatory, certification and administrative matters for health care facilities. He also represents health care related businesses and for advisors and...
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60 Mins
Wayne J. Miller

In response to Covid, many states loosened their licensing requirements to allow out of state physicians to practice medicine and treat pandemic patients. This development has accelerated the goal of universal licensing, which was already in process through a compact among midwestern jurisdictions. At the same time, physician practices have been expanding region- and nation-wide through multi state corporations or by merger or other methods.

Practices should consider how they can expand across state lines for several reasons. Among these are physician shortages in rural areas, smaller communities and elsewhere. Also there continues to be a surge in retirements and closures of practices as more boomer professionals are shutting down or being bought out.

This webinar will discuss the universal licensure concept, including which states have adopted it and requirements to participate. We will also review the ways medical corporations can expand regionally and nationally. Further, the session will outline the most popular methods used to roll up primary and specialty practices across the country.

Webinar Highlights

  • What states have signed on to universal licensure and which ones are pending?
  • Qualifications for participating in universal licensing
  • How can a single PC conduct business in multiple states?
  • Description of expansion through multistate MSOs
  • Merger and other methods to consolidate practices
  • How do hospitals and foundations acquire and employ physician services?

Who Should Attend

This session will be of most interest to medical groups, physicians, hospitals, long term care facilities and other health care industry businesses.

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